April 2, 2020

P/C Insurance Group Puts Price Tag on Coronavirus Business Interruption

P/C Insurance Group Puts Price Tag on Coronavirus Business Interruption

An Insurance Journal
estimates that business
interruption losses from the coronavirus just for small businesses in the U.S.
could be as much as $383 billion per month, or 50 percent of the total
available for the industry to pay all claims.

According to American Property Casualty Insurance Association (APCIA),
that is 10 times the most claims ever handled by the industry in one year. The
industry processed more than three million from the 2005 hurricane season that
included Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Wilma and several other storms, the trade
group said.

president and CEO David Sampson said the coronavirus loss estimate assumes as
many as 30 million claims would be filed by small businesses that suffered
losses from the pandemic.

the industry has little business interruption coverage to offer for the
pandemic, Sampson said the APCIA is willing to discuss “forward-looking answers
that speed economic recovery from future pandemics” with lawmakers.

Insurers back COVID-19 fund

The Insurance Journal further reports that a coalition of 36 business groups, including the insurance sector, has sent the Trump administration and Congressional leaders a letter expressing support for a proposed COVID-19 Business and Employee Continuity and Recovery Fund, a new federal relief fund intended to help businesses and workers suffering losses from coronavirus pandemic shutdowns. The fund aims to help businesses retain and rehire workers, maintain employee benefits, and pay such operating expenses as rent. It also may provide money for payroll, lost income of sick employees, and lost business revenues.

and other businesses would help create a process for quickly reviewing and
processing applications filed by companies seeking help. The relief fund would
be managed by a special administrator within the Treasury.


may need 90-day-rule relief for COVID-19 premium grace periods

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